New investment, new jobs, long-term commitment

The Range, one of the UK’s most successful home, leisure and garden retailers, is looking to build a new retail distribution centre and The Range flagship store adjacent to the A350 in Chippenham. After a long search, we have selected Chippenham due to its central location to The Range store network, its excellent access to the motorway and A-road network and its mature labour market.

The scheme will bring significant long-term benefits to Chippenham including:

  • Bringing one of the UK’s most successful privately owned retailers to Chippenham
  • Creating jobs for Chippenham people – the site is adjacent to the town, allowing people to work locally rather than out commuting to Swindon and Bristol
  • Adjacent to the improved A350 – 95% of vehicle movements move north towards the M4. The modelling demonstrates that it would not compromise the A350 as a primary route network
  • Creating up to 1,000 new job opportunities in a variety of roles  – Before Christmas The Range’s Doncaster RDC was employing over 1,150 people, with a minimum of  800 consistently employed over the course of the year. Doncaster is the blueprint for Chippenham, we are forecasting the same employment numbers.
  • Long-term service contracts for a range of suppliers – from fork lift truck maintenance to security, cleaning, catering and electricians
  • Injecting more than £30 million per year into the Wiltshire economy – by creating new jobs and purchasing materials from local suppliers
  • Supporting local firms during construction – through the use of subcontractors during the multi-million pound build
  • Contributing to fund core services in Wiltshire through business rates

Overall our proposals are expected to:

  • Create approximately 1,000 new roles in the RDC and The Range retail store
  • Create predominantly full-time positions (90% of the roles)
  • Support 250 jobs per year through the supply chain
  • Create an additional 270 construction jobs per year in Wiltshire during the construction phase
  • Support 618 FTE construction jobs during construction

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