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We have received a number of questions since our initial consultation event in July 2014. This page has been produced to answer some of these questions.

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Will there really be as many as 1,000 jobs?

The proposed regional distribution centre (RDC) and The Range store will create up to 1,000 new jobs.  At peak periods (7 months of the year) the RDC will employ approximately 900 employees. Outside these peak times, between 750 to 800 employees will work at the RDC. The retail store will create approximately 100 new roles.

The claim of 1,000 jobs is very bold!

We have modelled our projections on our northern distribution centre in Doncaster. During the month of December 2014, The Range’s Doncaster RDC was employing over 1,150 people. In January 2015 (our quietest time of the year) we still employed 750 people.

What kind of jobs will be available?

The roles on offer will be diverse and will include warehouse operatives, various administration and head office roles, supervisor and management level jobs as well as those working in support services such as catering, security etc.

Will these jobs be part time?

We anticipate that 90% of employees at the RDC will be in full time positions.

Will these jobs be zero hour contracts?

These positions will not be zero hour contracts.

How will staff get to the RDC if they do not drive?

As part of the development scheme, it is proposed that a staff shuttle bus service would be offered at the site.

How do I go about applying for a job?

If you are interested in working for The Range please use the contact form on the right to contact the team.


How long will the construction period be for the proposed RDC?

The construction period is expected to last 16 months.

How many jobs will the scheme create during construction?

We have estimated that the development would create an additional 270 construction jobs per year in Wiltshire during this time.

What about the disruption during construction?

The Range will agree a construction management plan with Wiltshire Council to manage and minimise the impacts of construction on the surrounding area.

The site

Why are you not proposing to build this by the M4?

Whilst looking for a suitable development site, The Range considered land at Junction 17 of the M4. The land at Junction 17 is unsuitable for a number of reasons:

  • It conflicts with the Wiltshire Core Strategy, which encourages employment sites adjacent to Wiltshire’s principal towns
  • It has not been identified for employment in the Wiltshire Core Strategy
  • It is not deliverable in The Range’s desired timescales

Why are you proposing to build on green belt?

The land beyond the A350 is not designated as Green Belt land, nor is it designated or protected for any specific landscape value.


The development will destroy local ecology

A full ecological assessment, undertaken as part of the environmental studies, has concluded that the site is largely unsuitable for invertebrates including bees and butterflies, due to the lack of flowering plants on the grassland.


What changes have you made to the design?

Since out first consultation event in July, we have made some changes to the designs.  You can read more about these on the ‘our proposals’ page on this website.

What about noise?

To reduce potential noise from the site, all delivery vehicles will ‘lock’ onto the delivery bays when unloading and the service yard.  The plans also include a 3-metre high acoustic barrier along the southern service yard boundary to the distribution centre to reduce noise as much as possible.

What happens next?

Wiltshire Council is consulting on the scheme until 5 February 2015. You can submit feedback to the Planning Officers by clicking here.  A report will then be prepared by Wiltshire Council and a decision will be made by Wiltshire Council Strategic Planning Committee.  The target date for the decision is March 2015

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the project team using the contact form on this website or details in the footer.



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